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Welcome to the Harley Street hypnotherapy practice of Ana Jackson, one of the most innovative and approachable London hypnotherapists.

Ana holds an honors degree in Psychology and is a certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Timeline Therapy.

She is registered with the UK GHR and bound by their ethics and code of practice. She is fully insured and has an enhanced CRB clearance.

Certified Hypnotherapist in London - Ana Jackson

Ana understands that common problems have different causes depending on the client. Her strategy focuses on identifying the root cause of the problem, enabling you to make lasting improvements in your life.

Before the hypnotherapy session, Ana provides a free telephone consultation and will take time to understand your problem. She will then design a hypnosis plan specifically for you. This helps to ensure that one hypnotherapy session is usually enough. Most sessions are around 2-3 hours long.

Ana strives to be one of the most progressive London hypnotherapists. She is qualified to practice 'timeline therapy' and understands that complex problems often stem from our past. If required, this therapy can be used to remove limiting beliefs, leaving her clients empowered to make better decisions about their lives.

Ana is based in Harley Street London, where she enables her clients to take control and deal with a variety of personal issues in a safe, calm and confidential environment.

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Our central London hypnotherapists have had fantastic results working with problems relating to smoking, alcohol, weight loss & nutritional motivation, sports performance, anxiety, phobias, anger management, as well as breaking many unwanted habits.

If you would like to understand more about hypnotherapy and how we can help with a particular problem, please contact us to arrange your free and confidential telephone consultation.

Client Testimonials

“I can’t believe it, after 40 years of smoking, and only one session, I am finally a non-smoker. I want to shout about it from the roof tops”

“…it’s been three months and I have achieved all of my targets. It’s funny I never seem to crave the things that I used to eat.”