“I know that you explained everything to me and I still don’t really understand what you did. But however you did it, you’ve got the magic. Thank you”

Drinking socially often plays a big part in our daily lives. It may be time to cut back, or even stop.

After your free telephone consultation, Ana will design a treatment program to help you deal with the problem that you have described. Most clients only require a single session of hypnosis.

At the beginning of your session in Harley Street, she will explain how your unconscious mind influences your behaviour on a daily basis. This will help you to get the most from the session. Ana prides herself on being one of the most approachable London hypnotherapists. She will spend around an hour understanding why you need to change. People reach out for alcohol for many different reasons. You may have a habit of opening a bottle of wine everyday and simply need help cutting back. Or perhaps a recent trauma, or your job, has driven you to drink in a more serious way?

The more Ana understands why you need to change, the more the hypnosis will be tailored to help you. So a focus on relaxation will help you to cope with difficult days in the office without needing a drink in the evening. If you have suffered a trauma, timeline therapy can be used to help you to deal with your unresolved negative emotions. Or if you wish, Ana will work with your unconscious mind and fortify your desire to give up alcohol completely.

When you are ready Ana will gently take you into a hypnotic state of enhanced relaxation. For around two hours she will help you reprogram your habitual desire to drink and get you ready to face the day without those sluggish hangovers.

Are you ready for your free telephone consultation? Everything you tell us is completely confidential.

“I feel more resolute now than I ever have. I am blessed to have found you. Thank you”