Anger management is an increasingly popular reason for seeking hypnotherapy. You may be prone to road rage, or it may be a person at work that causes you to lose your emotional control. For others, anger can have a negative impact on their home life.

After your free telephone consultation, Ana will design a treatment program to help you deal with the problem that you have described.

At the beginning of the session she will explain how your unconscious mind influences your behaviour on a daily basis. This will help you to get the most from the session.

Ana prides herself on being one of the most approachable London hypnotherapists. She will take time to understand why you feel you need to change and the hypnosis will be tailored to help you. A simple focus on relaxation will help you to cope with difficult days in the office. Or depending on the problem, timeline therapy will help you understand your own long term issues with emotional anger.

When you are ready Ana will gently take you into a hypnotic state of enhanced relaxation. She will work with your unconscious mind to eliminate underlying problems and help you to develop the emotional tools required to deal with the pressures of modern life.

Call us for your free telephone consultation. Everything that you tell us is completely confidential.