Amateur and professional competitors are increasing turning to NLP and hypnotherapy to strengthen their performance. You may hate stretching and simply need a little motivational help with your warm up. Or you may be in a slump and need some help getting back to where you used to be. You may even be a professional athlete who wants to beat your personal best. Or you may be a frustrated golfer who needs help focusing on the green. For all of us, psychological control is a vital element of our sporting performance.

After a free telephone consultation, Ana uses Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy techniques to develop a customized plan that will help you overcome the obstacles that may be holding you back. During your session, Ana will spend around an hour understanding your existing performance trend and how you would like to change, including the new targets that you wish to set yourself.

When you are ready Ana will gently put you into a state of enhanced hypnotic relaxation. She will work with your unconscious mind, so that you approach your sporting goals in a more positive way. This will give you the tools to break negative patterns, eliminate ingrained self doubt, control stress and develop a stronger sporting focus. She uses NLP and guided visual imagery to help you set goals and targets that will constantly improve the way you perform.

This combination of techniques is very effective for helping with a range of performance related challenges. Ana has worked with individuals and entire teams to create a shared focus.

Call us for your free telephone consultation. Everything that you tell us is completely confidential.