After years of forcing my family to take holidays in England, I’m with my husband sipping Sangria in Spain and thinking of you. I may not want to go home, but it’s not because I’m scared of flying. Thank you, Ana, for making me believe in myself.

I can’t believe it, after 40 years of smoking, and only one session, I am finally a non-smoker. I want to shout about it from the roof tops.

I know that you explained everything to me and I still don’t really understand what you did. But however you did it, you’ve got the magic. Thank you.

I should have come to see you 20 years ago. After just one session I have stopped completely and my fingers are almost back to normal !! Thanks Ana.

People at work keep asking me why I am so different. Thank you Ana.

… only 6 weeks to go and I have achieved every goal I set myself. I just feel so much more in control of everything. Thank you for everything Ana, my day is going to feel so special.

Having the confidence to drive again has restored my independence, I feel prepared to take on the world.

I feel more resolute now than I ever have. I am blessed to have found you. Thank you.

I know that you explained everything to me and I still don’t really understand what you did. But however you did it, you’ve got the magic. Thank you.

… your voice is so calming. I knew I had a problem, but I had forgotten how good real sleep is. Ana thank you for everything , your voice is like a gift.

…it’s been three months and I have achieved all of my targets. It’s funny I never seem to crave the things that I used to eat.

… for so many years I thought things would be better next week, or maybe the week after. Then I came to see you and everything did get better. I’ve been telling all my friends to come and see you …

I've had mixed feelings when it comes to any form of therapy, my NLP coaching experience encouraged me to try it. I approached Ana with key points I wanted to improve in my life (wanted being the operativeword). Why do I emphasise 'wanted'? In one session Ana gave me the encouragement, strength and tools to put my fears behind me and move forward. Admittedly it's been a step by step process but without Ana's session I am sure I would still see my challenges as mountains, which Ana has clearly turned into molehills. Thank you Ana!


I have been having a lot of problems with anxiety in both my professional and personal life. I had one session with Ana and felt immediately less anxious and was able to be more calm in situations that previously made quite anxious. Ana was professional from the very beginning, she has a very calming voice I was sitting in the chair for 90 minutes but I honestly thought I was in the chair for 10 minutes. I was surprised when I saw the time. I would definitely recommend Ana and would definitely have more sessions.

Joseph Smith

I have had this issue with hair pulling for years, decades even and I was desperate to get some assistance in getting it sorted. Ana was very understanding and a great help in giving me the confidence to drop this deeply entrenched habit. I am looking forward to having a full head of hair following my hypnotherapy session. Thank you Ana for giving me the help I desperately needed!


I suffer from severe claustrophobia to the extent that it was impacting my daily life. Be it a tram ride, a bus ride, or flying this fear was a great handicap in my life. When I read about Ana I decided it was worth trying hypnotherapy - I spoke with her and she reassured me that it would take just one session to help me. The session itself was very relaxing. When time came to board my next flight I debated on whether to take my anti anxiety medication to fly. I messaged Ana and she told me not to worry, I would be fine. After seven years of suffering this I cannot believe that I was the first person to board the flight! I have been on five flights since then and traveled the metro and it has been amazing. I am truly grateful that I got to meet Ana. I would sincerely recommend Ana as she is extremely professional, has the time to answer all messages, and mainly because she cured me of a major problem I was suffering from. Take a chance and have a session with Ana! you won't regret it.

shirene chhabra

Ana has totally transformed my relationship with food . I had always been a yoyo dieter , always ready to try the latest diet fad but never really succeeding ,however with the help of Ana this has all changed . In eight weeks I have lost 18 pounds ,I still have more weight to lose but feel totally liberated , no points or syns or calorie counting and feel so in control of what I am eating . Totally recommended!


Ana Jackson is a very highly qualified practitioner; she has a very kind, professional and caring attitude to her patients.
I made an appointment to see Ana back in January for help with weightloss after years of attending slimming clubs without success. My initial contact with her was by phone, I was immediately struck by her voice which was very calm and reassuring.
My consultation only re-affirmed all of the above, the consultation lasted three hours after which I came away feeling very positive and invigorated. In the eight weeks since my appointment I have lost eighteen pounds ,I never feel hungary. I can eat whatever I like but find I only eat a small amount.
I have sung Ana's praises to all my friends and acquaintances and even have people phoning me up asking how to contact the lady who helped me.
Ana can help with so many problems and I have no problem recommending her to anyone.
Brenda Keen

Brenda Keen

I can't recommend Ana highly enough. Seriously!
I would have no hesitation in saying how professional, warm and reassuring I've found her and - hypnotherapy - it WORKS. I approached Ana for help with weight loss and so far have got rid of 50 pounds without deprivation but with an improved mindset which has made an incredibly positive difference. Strongly recommended.


Ana has worked with my 12 year old gymnast daughter who lacked confidence and self belief. The change in her is massive! She is achieving her aims and more, and continues to impress us all with her new found confidence. Can’t thank Ana enough.

Rachel Frost

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