“…it’s been three months and I have achieved all of my targets. It’s funny I never seem to crave the things that I used to eat.”

Gastric band surgery is a procedure intended to reduce the size of the stomach by fitting a band. This is a high risk procedure with potential for infection, excessive bleeding, bowel obstructions and in some cases it has caused death. People are increasingly choosing the safer and non-intrusive option of virtual gastric band hypnotherapy for long- term weight loss.

After a free telephone consultation, Ana designs therapy to address her client’s individual needs. Ana prides herself on being one of the most approachable London hypnotherapists. She always emphasizes a combination of weight loss and nutritional motivation techniques that are intended to help you live your life in a healthier way.

During your session in Harley Street, she will teach you to recognize ‘real’ hunger and to understand the difference between ‘need’ and ‘want.’ She will spend around an hour speaking to you and understanding your individual concerns. She will discuss the emotional triggers that cause you to eat when you don’t need to. Ana will also discuss any ‘body image’ issues that you may have and develop a strategy to deal with them.

When you are ready she will gently put you into an enhanced state of relaxation. For around two hours she will ‘apply’ the hypnotic band and you will be guided into thinking, at an unconscious level, that your stomach is smaller. As a result you will feel happy and content when you are eating smaller portions. Ana will address the emotional triggers that cause you to reach out for bad food and motivate you to eat nutritionally better food.

If you would like to understand more about whether this therapy is suitable for you, please contact us to arrange a free telephone consultation.